Greening Up My Act

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner: You’ll Crap Your Pants at the Savings

May 23, 2023 Kat Cox & Tiffany Verbeck Episode 10
Greening Up My Act
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner: You’ll Crap Your Pants at the Savings
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Learn all about DIY all-purpose cleaner on this week's green living podcast with Tiffany and Kat. You'll save so much money with this easy recipe that you might just shit your shorts from excitement. This is one of those rare, truly sustainable and functional product winners -- you're going to want to listen in.

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And it's also way, way cheaper. Ding ding ding Yeah, you're gonna be shocked. You're gonna stay tuned. You're gonna crap your pay shocking salute. Oh boy. Well, that's not what I need. The mood just fell out HELLO, CAT and Tiff. How are you doing? I'm doing well. I feel like we always start with like, voices. I know. I'm like, there's always like a mid north Atlantic accent. Because we're self conscious. Yeah, big insecurity. Yeah. So the last time we chatted, I was about to head to the Netherlands. And I'm happy. That sounds wrong. I'm not happy to report them back. But I made it back. Congrats. Yeah, well done. I did it. But it was great. And I actually did chat with my friends neighbor who works in sustainability stuff. Awesome. Isn't that funny? Is like just happened to be my. Yeah. Yeah, Kismet. I kind of feel like in the Netherlands, it's kind of like go that's a legit job there. Yeah, he does, like investing, but sustainability investing ESG if you will impact environmental sustainability and governance. Well, it's actually different. I learned from him. Oh, yeah. Impact Investing is much more real. Because of ESG is kind of a Yeah, it's kind of a it might be grenouille. Yeah, I think it depends on the company. But yeah. Anyway, that was kind of cool. And yeah, it seems like the whole country is way more interested in sustainability. And everybody bikes. It's so quiet. Yeah. I mean, it's just so strange, because you're in downtown. And it's like, not answering bicycles. Yeah, yeah. Amsterdam is bigger, but where they were living. It's a small, basically, village. And it was so quiet just because cars so yeah, like the freeway down the street, right? Yes, exactly. So it was, it was really eye opening, although it was kind of interesting. And I want to look into this. I was talking to her neighbor about how much plastic packaging they use in the grocery store, because I was sort of blown away by how much there was a single thing was wrapped or just wrapped in plastic. Interesting. Yeah. And I mean, we do that here in the US too. But it was just sort of surprising. And I guess they recently passed some sort of law like what was it? Oh, I think it was cert a certain fruits and vegetables. One sec. Try that. Yeah, there's certain fruits and vegetables can't be wrapped in plastic anymore. But this guy, her neighbor was saying that like 95% of plastic gets recycled in the Nether. Even plastic films and things. Yeah. And I was like, that's insane. Because I think it's like 5% in the US. So yes, yeah. Yeah. I really want to look into that. But it was cool, because they had these really easy. Like recycling little facilities little like, well, he asked him, basically, yeah. And she said it was like a big tub in the grounds was like this huge underground bunker where it fit a bunch of stuff. But then up on top, it was just this little slot that you throw in. Yeah. So yeah, that was it was really cool. It was glassy. That's great. That I mean, that's really exciting. Yeah, so we'll definitely whenever we talk about recycling, we'll look into the Netherlands. Yeah. What other countries are doing it? Yeah. Yeah. Better. Yeah. Which they probably okay. I'm sorry. I have to pause. Yes. My dog just busted into the room and opened the door and then left in that lab headquarters like I just gotta get close the door guys one second he just doesn't like closed doors. It's against against his religion. That's hilarious. Yeah, my dog does the same thing. And it's very annoying when it's a child sleeping in the room. You're just going to kill you. Like I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I think she likes the sound machine. It's very annoying anyway. It's fine. Yeah. Okay. Dogs. They're there they are, but they But okay, so we have a pretty big episode, which is surprising given the topic. Yeah, I was I was assuming it was gonna be like a one and done like, think tank. I know homemade. Homemade all purpose cleaner is what we're talking about and you think it'd be like what is it? Is it works? Yeah. Who who's who's it murdering? How can you move on? Well, no. So well, I have a question first. Yes. How is it different from homemade glass cleaner? Okay. Well, that's the interesting thing. And I have a definition of all purpose cleaner for Yeah. Oh, goody. Okay, yeah, so the cool thing is, since we do research, we each research different episodes. I feel like we go down different rabbit holes. So it's kind of nice, right? Like we cover different things. Is that your dog back? No. Okay, I thought you heard it back. No, no. Sorry. No, no, nothing. Nothing. Nothing nothing. And so. So yeah, I think I mean, I will answer how it's different than how many glass cleaner but okay. Yeah, we can just get into it if you want. Yeah, let's let's dance. Now right. Do the samba all purpose cleaner Samba? Yeah. So first off, I named my sources. I I can't see it's so funny when you edit this stuff. Because now you realize how annoying your sound? Yeah, you're like, Oh, God, stop clicking. Yeah, exactly. Okay, sources, National Library of Medicine for the all purpose cleaner definition. And I use the Environmental Working Group for ratings of all purpose cleaner and a few other products that I talked about. The spruce has a really good handling. It's always the same. We love the spruce. I know we just they're just so good. They have their eight best all purpose cleaners were they rated just sort of regular standard all purpose cleaners that you could find at most stores. Three DIY all purpose cleaner options from Insider. whoo that I looked into Consumer Reports. I use them on they talked about vinegar using vinegar on stone countertops, and how you're supposed to. Oh, surprise. Yep. Then I looked into a different article from countertop. about hydrogen peroxide on countertops. Okay, so you'll see are you like what is happening? How many I know I'm telling you this is it's a big, big episode. Yeah. Then I use the kitchen for castile soap because I don't know if you remember I said I was gonna look into castile soap. Yeah, and so the kitchen I use them for castile soap. A couple of articles about castile soap and a recipe for castile soap all purpose cleaner. Okay. I also use Dr. Bronner's website, which is a castile soap, basically the one that you know, cast Yeah, we all know Dr. Bronner's, or we are. I also looked at the Okay, so I looked at the National Library of Medicine twice, but for two different reasons for this episode. The other one was for antibacterial properties of peppermint, which is fascinating. Yep, it's giving in to the essential oils. No comment. We're gonna get there. I know. And then I looked at Bob Vila, and I figured he would know of anybody if we if you have no castile soap on hardwood, and he gives us the answer. Okay. And then he's an Amazon and target for prices on products. Cool. So what is all purpose cleaner? The National Library of Medicine says all purpose cleaner can be used for different cleaning tasks in and around the house. So it's mostly used in the kitchen in the bathroom, specifically for floors, sinks and toilets. Okay. Yeah. So it's kind of funny because this article at National Library of Medicine went all into all purpose cleaners, and they were like, they said consumers place high demands on all purpose cleaners. They want them to have surface protection, residue free drying on clean service. Good skin compatibility, yeah. easy handling, appropriate foaming behavior. I'm gonna put that in my Bumble profile. I would like appropriate foaming behavior. I'm sorry, please continue. I love that so much. And then you could also put this in your Bumble profile. I should just list all of all like I am looking for good skin compatibilities In the perfect man, easy handling. Yes. Good. Residue free residue free drying. Yes. And the last one is pleasant scent. Oh 100% That is so all of my dating profiles. I'm updating them right now. Going on them in six months and I'm just gonna go in now just that list and see if anyone notices they're like, Are you describing all purpose cleaner? I'll marry the first man who asks me that. Exactly. I totally love it so much. You'll have to link to that whenever you change it. Now you're asking me to get back on the dating apps that fate worse than death? No, no, no, no, no, that's no fun. Although I met Joe on OKCupid, but that was back when OKCupid was normal. Like solid. Yeah. Okay. Keep it was great. Yeah, it really was. But now it's I hear not great. I haven't noticed it. Because I just mentioned, okay, we don't yeah, we're not discussing the sustainability of dating apps. That's in season three. Yeah, totally. Okay, so all purpose cleaners can come in liquid spray form or as like wet tissues. So wipes. Guessing that's the least sustainable option, but I'm not gonna say anything. Yeah, I actually didn't look into them to be honest. But yeah, cuz it's just like, hey, use your own paper towels and quit throwing things away. Exactly. Listen to on paper on paper towel episode. Bugatti Knodel. Okay, so all purpose cleaner. So just like a lot of other cleaners can contain this is from the same NIH art not in age, national health. What is it national hospitals, national makeup an acronym any acronym will do. So they contain surfactants, which I talked about in laundry detergent, which is basically just soap. They contain builders, which is like citric acid, which is basically like lemons. Right? Like such. Okay, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Hydro tropes and solvents. Which to be honest, I didn't look that up. And I don't know what that is. But that's that's in there. And a lot of them have additives like dyes, fragrances, preservatives, skin, protecting agents, and, and water. So all of these things that I just listed are between like maximum like one to 10%. Oh, water is 75 to 95%. Holy cannoli. Yeah, so that means that you're paying tons of money, I mean, actually, turns out to be tons of money compared to what you could pay if you do DIY it. but spoiler alert, spoiler alert, tons of money to buy in store water. So this sort of leads into my next bullet point, why would you want to make your own first reason? I mean, I just said it, you're, you know, buying water and storing water. Number two, you can control what's in it. So the same National Library of Medicine study examined all purpose cleaning sprays. It's amazing that people get paid to do this. And I'm so happy. But yeah, so they found that you're using this a default. I don't know why I wrote 364 times per year on kitchen countertops. It's supposed to be 365. Because that's how many days there are but that's okay. You were like I'm taking away leap year and they're like, that's not actually how that works. April Fool's nobody cleans. Okay. Yeah, so you're, you're, you're kind of using this stuff every day. So that's a pretty big exposure inhalation on your skin, that type of thing. That makes sense. Yeah. And I looked into my favorite, the Environmental Working Group, which rates products like household products for on a scale from A to F based on their toxicity and their aquatic toxicity and all of the above? Yeah, more, all purpose cleaners get a D or an F, then an A through A C. Okay. So most get a D or an F that are on the market. There are some nicer ones. Yeah, so there are some decent ones, but there's gonna be other reasons why you definitely don't want to bother. I have guesses. Yeah, so the funny thing is some of the EPS were called like a lot of the ones with bleach in them got EPs and I think it's just because of the bleach. Okay, ego Daisy. Got an F Yep. So eco Daisy multipurpose cleaner got enough. A few of the sense of one called grab green countertop cleaner. Got X. Green Hawaii. Yes. Six green Hawaii. Exactly. And then green works which did we talk about Green Works before? No, I don't think we have but it was a different brands different green. Yeah, different green. Who cares? It's all the same. But Green Works naturally does direct I'm all purpose cleaner with lemon got an F? So it's like these damn brands. You're not anxious capitalizing on the green washing. Yes, exactly. So the other interesting thing is that some of the top rated all purpose cleaners aren't safe for contact, top rated. And in a sense of like the spruce like said that they work really well. They're not actually safe for contact with food surfaces, even though most people use them in the kitchen. So don't use it on your cutting boards just on your right. But even countertops is like think about how much food actually tested it falls down and yeah, or just you just put the onion there for a minute while you Yeah, move your hands or whatever. Yeah, yeah, just looking the countertops. Yeah. All right. So that's when one big reason is you can control what's in your all purpose cleaner. Another reason is, it's simpler. So what I have found is I make my own and I have for like a year. And honestly, a huge reason was because I was so tired of remembering to order the stupid thing. The one thing that does the mold. This is multipurpose, but it does like a couple of things. And now it's like I can have a couple of ingredients and just mix them together. It takes two seconds. And then you can also use it for other things. Yeah, exactly. What so there's less extra packaging if you're buying because I just reuse the same bottle over and over. And it's also way, way cheaper. Ding ding ding. Yeah, you're gonna be shy. You're gonna stay tuned. You're gonna grab this shocking salute. Oh, boy. Well, that's not what I need. The mood just fell. Just, I'm gonna and also the DIY, in my opinion, the DIY stuff can work just as well. So, I mean, yeah, yeah. Okay, let's talk about DIY all purpose cleaners. Three options from insider, plus an extra one that I'm going to say I recommend and you'll you'll understand why. So real quick, vinegar and water. RVs are these one half cup distilled white vinegar in two cups of water. You can add a little lemon essential oil if you want a better scent. Okay, pros. It's affordable. It kills some germs. it annihilates hard water deposits and unite elites. Yeah, I put that word in there because no joke. Vinegar is amazing at that. It cuts through dirt works. Well. Some cons vinegar doesn't disinfect completely. So it does a little bit not completely. I mean, okay, we can talk about I know, that's a whole debate. Right? Right. And we will probably get into it. We're gonna get into it. Yeah. You shouldn't use it on wood, tile or grout because the acid can damage it. And according to Consumer Reports, you shouldn't use vinegar on natural stone countertops because it can eat away at the protective layer, and then it's a poor service. I was using it on my countertops for a long time. And then I was like, oh, shoot, then I learned this. So damnit. Yeah, so there's that. The next option they give you for a recipe is borax plus vinegar. I'm going to pass on the borax because it gets a D from the Environmental Working Group. Okay, yeah, fair. Yeah. So they do say that you can swap it with baking soda, which is gets an A so okay. It's still fun. Okay, yeah, I guess borax has like, cancer issues, right? Probably. I don't know. I don't know exactly what it is that I thought that was I Oh, yeah, I just know, it's a lot more potent. It's more more intense, like cubistic maybe? Yeah, even then washing soda. It's like one of the more powerful cleaner. So yeah, I don't know what's in it though. So for this, so for the baking soda. 1/4. This is my least favorite. To be honest. You use a quarter cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda and then you apply it to the surface sort of like a paste I think. Okay, and then you wait five minutes and then wipe it away. So the pros are, it's affordable. You can use it on most surfaces. I think it's fine to use on. Oh, no, it's got vinegar in it. Right. Anyway. Use it on most surfaces. It might be okay, but and then it also can help remove stains if you leave it on long enough. Yeah, Baking soda is great. But you have to make it each time you want to use it right because it'll go bad or dissipate or whatever. Yeah, so it's not a spray. It's not something you can store which I don't love because who's going to do that? I mean I when I need to clean a pan for the record, just throw vinegar and baking soda in it. But yeah, we should so interesting because actually the two that's probably why you can't store it because the two counter counter balance each other kind of like they should cancel each other out. Yeah, they they interact. I mean, they create a reaction that the foam Yeah, the bubbles, so it makes sense. I do that for other things too. But yeah, so yeah, you can't like store it, which is annoying. But hey, if it's not how No, I just can't imagine cleaning my counters with that every day. Yeah, so it's not it's also not a full disinfectant. So the third one is kind of interesting. I would have never thought to do this, but it's hydrogen peroxide. Another bubbler, a bubbler. Gotta love that bubbly. Yeah, it's just straight up hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and you spray it. That's it? Oh, okay. Yeah, not even though you don't even need to add baking soda. No, not according to this recipe. You can add a few drops of essential oils if you want Shem. Shut your mouth. How dare you? besmirch us with essential oil. We'll see. And then you just spray it and wipe it away. So the pros for this one is affordable. You can store it, obviously until you use it because it's just hydrogen peroxide. It's easy to make don't even have to make more than about Yeah, just add a screw top. Exactly. It totally disinfects so it's a really good disinfectant and hospitals use it. Didn't know that. I know. And it doesn't smell like vinegar, which is a pro in my book. That is that is a pro and you can just squirt it in your mouth to debride canker sores. There you go. Yeah, exactly. You can use it for so many things. Dye your hair. You can oh my gosh, you're gonna be a whole new person once you come out of that kitchen. Oh my god. I'm just blind. Blind. No canker sores. Fresh mouth. My new Bumble profile me newly blonde. No, canker sores completely disinfected kitchen. You fresh scent, skin. compatibilities incredible. foaming. Whatever the fuck yeah, I don't remember except except x appropriate, foaming or appropriate. Foaming consistently? Yeah. I love it. So the cons of hydrogen peroxide is two things. You can't mix it with vinegar because it creates parasitic acid, which can irritate your skin and corrode surfaces. I didn't know this fair. So if you're like using vinegar to clean other stuff, you probably don't want to mix it up. But it's not like ammonia and bleach where you suffocate and die. No, it's not gonna like create a bomb and explode your house or anything but cool. It might still. Yeah, it might make your skin a little edgy. And your counter a little itchy. Yeah. Super easy, super cheap camera. And then it's kind of the same also according to countertop It's the same reasons as vinegar. You shouldn't use it all the time on your stone countertops. So that's the other thing so like the moral of the story is just get rid of your stone countertops. You weirdos I think so. That could be minor. I don't like mine. To be honest, that sounds so bougie. But I just won't get into my house later. But that's I mean minor, minor, basically, bathroom tile they have like, its tiles. So like when you clean up crumbs just gets stuck in the ground. Like it's never clean and it's black. So it's like okay, oh, Lord. Yeah, I need a coffee. At least you can't see the coffee. There you go. Yeah, that's the one thing about mine. It's very patterned. It's just this lady. We bought our house from this lady who she just thought she was a fixer upper. And she seriously wasn't it Oh, frustrating. So she sucks. But anyway. Okay. So yeah, moral of the story. I wanted something I could use for everything. And I was so annoyed about like, looking around for what the hell can I use? Because I just, I want simplicity. I don't want to have to use 5000 different products for all of the different needs. So it's multipurpose people. And I also don't want it to kill me. So could call print also putting that on my Bumble profile. Also, please don't kill me. Oh, God. So I lived in a way it was true crime. I know. I know. I'm like don't go on dates ever. Yeah. Okay. We're all safe. We're all fine. Okay, so I discovered castile soap, as I mentioned. So we had owned a bottle of Castile soap for years because we use it for camping and like washing camp dishes and shampooing and stuff while we were camping, but we never use it for anything else ever. And we have this huge bottle because they come in very big bottles. You can get small ones too if you just want to try it out, but I mean, why would you do that? By bulk? Yeah, so what is it? What the heck is castile soap? According to the kitchen? It's named after the olive oil based soaps originating in Castile Spain. Yes, because soap is is made from fat. Right? Which, which? Yeah, which people don't know. Like, it's weird to think about. Yeah, lie, right? Yes. So castile soap comes in liquid or bar form. I've used the liquid one, but Dr. Bronner's is the most popular one. IV for sure you do. Yeah. Yeah. So you have Dr. Bronner's? I have used Dr. Bronner's in the past. Yes. I've been known to det dilly dally a little bit around the Dr. Bronner's fire to dabble with a bit. Mostly just because it's something to read in the shower. For real, though, I was I literally just wrote it's a big bottle with 1000 words on it. Yeah. It's got its own religion. Like really? Yeah. And that's why I was like, because people love this shit. And I was like, is it actually good? Cult? Yeah. Is it a cult? And is it a cult around something good, because if it's a cult around something good, that's okay, fine, fine. Cults call him good. Things are good, right? Yes. So it's made from oils like coconut, olive oil, hemp oil, but they also sometimes use avocado oil, almond oil and walnut oil. So it's all vegan. Okay, which some soaps aren't they use animal fat? Yeah, you gotta check on that. Yeah. Interestingly, it was created in 1948. So it's been around for forever. Yeah, I was like, Oh, it must be in the 70s. No. Yeah, I think 48 isn't interesting. So in the same kitchen, from the kitchen, they say that it registers at about 8.9 on the pH scale. So it's the same level as like baking soda. And it's slightly more alkaline than mild dish soap. Okay, so it's like pretty mild, actually. I mean, like water is a seven. Right? And that's neutral. So, yeah, there you go. So I didn't know that. I'm learning high school chemistry coming back to me. Nice. Well, at least one of us knows. So. I'm gonna I'm looking it up right now. To make sure Okay, yeah. So the highest it goes is 14. So an eight. An egg is about where castile soap is. Eight. Yeah, Baking soda is about a nine and hence up to 10. Okay, yeah, this is 8.9. So almost like baking soda, but, so it's great for cleaning greasy surfaces, so it's perfect for a kitchen and Dr. Bronner's website markets and the bottles markets itself as useful for 18 things. These are right, hold your britches, washing your face, body, hands and hair for bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, aromatherapy, okay. Washing dishes by hand, doing laundry, mopping floors, all purpose cleaning, washing windows, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs, controlling, controlling dust mites, ants, and aphids. The recipe for all purpose cleaner made with Castile soap from the kitchen, which is also the one I use is one tablespoon castile soap in one spray bottle of water. That's it, and then you use it. And then you still got that giant bottle in the shower to wash your dog. Wash your dog. Wash your kids watch your wife. No, wait. It's different. Yes. But the big question is, is it antibacterial? Okay, right, because that's what we're talking about with you. Does it disinfect? Yeah, but yeah, I'm saying antibacterial because for a reason, okay. Because I'm using a study and I yeah, there's like a difference between viruses and bad. Yes, bacteria and viruses for sure. And I want to make sure I'm quoting things right. So let's be precise, precise. Okay, I have the peppermint, castile soap from Dr. Bronner's because they have a bunch of different scents. Everyone, and I mean, everyone who's even remotely interested in sustainability and writing about it online claims that peppermint has antibacterial properties. Have you ever heard of a? Yeah, I feel like I have, but mostly from like, my friends who were trying to sell me doTERRA. Okay. Okay, well, it's everywhere. Yeah, it's part of why we use it for toothpaste, right? Yeah, I think it just smells like there's something about it that just lets us think clean. Yeah, but according to the National Library of Medicine, data done. Peppermint Essential Oil has a weak antibacterial activity. Curses. Okay, clean, okay. Yes. However, I didn't have a whole ton of time. So I'm trying to get this right. So as far as antibacterial peppermints not going to get to there very well, but they've noticed antiviral activity with peppermint but with a big bu TT lavender. Okay, so after I read this thing about peppermint, I was like, Oh my God. We were reading about essential oils. Not quite to that extent. But you know, I was like, Like, Oh man, maybe this is annoying because I'm using peppermint for my all purpose cleaner. And I'm thinking like I've even said to Joe before, like this is definitely disinfected. Right so apparently not that great about it. But lavender is apparently active against E. Coli. The Yes, the bacteria that causes dysentery, clinical strains of bacteria, including a bunch of strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Okay, how I don't know hashtag science. And this is essential oils like they were specifically looking at lavender essential not even just like the plant itself. Like if you chew it up and spit it onto the counter. Long story short, we're going to do a bonus episode on it. Yeah, we have to where we're probably going to eat our words. And yeah, there we go. And that's okay. So Dr. Bronner's has a lavender one a eucalyptus one a citrus one and unscented one basically anything you can think of. So do they use essential is the ingredient, it's essential oils, and not like lavender scented stuff, you know, like they're not using? Yeah, it's and so I did find a really cool study from these five University of Vermont students. They did a sustainability assessment of Dr. Bronner's and I was like, Thank you, because I don't want to know, yeah, they actually went through each ingredient that they use in their products. And they called Yeah, and they sort of studied how sustainable and non toxic all these things were. Okay, so what I remember about lavender is Dr. Bronner's created their own lavender strain, I think, and it's got its own name, like lebenden or something. Oh, wow. And I think they do make an essential oil out of it, because you would have to, I mean, in liquid form anyway, to mix it, you'd have to turn it into an oil. Right? So yeah, so they're, that's what they're using. isn't interesting. That's it? Yeah. It blew my frickin mind. Yeah. Did you crap your pants? Oh, I have to go get the lavender soap for my undies. And my chair not putting that in my dating profile. Yeah, that I want that. That one can stay between us chickens. Okay. Yeah, so so that was wild. All right. Wow. Okay, so does it work real quick? Yes, it works. I mean, we use it on our granite countertops or stovetop or wooden dining table. And it doesn't eat them because it's an oil I mean to hardwood floors to I assume would be fine with it because it's cool spaced. And that's what Bob Vila says to use on your he recommends using it on your wood floors, because it's safe. All hell above you. Yeah. Babila he knows what's up. He's a superhero. Do people know? Like, do people younger than 35 know who Bobby lives are gonna have to post this old house episodes for? Yes, I'm sure they do. He's like who Tim the tool man was based off of I think. I think so. I actually think he was on Home Improvement a couple of times. Yeah, it was It wasn't either. He was supposed to be intense hero or something. Yeah. Or the Nemesis. That was a joke. Yeah, yes. Yeah, that was funny. So yeah, I've been using it for almost a year and I use it on everything and it works great. And then the EW G the Environmental Working Group gives every Dr. Bronner's product a grade of an A. Okay, which is great, except for almond and Rose. Because of I think because of the scents. Yeah, but those get to be so they're also great. Oh, good. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so onto the study. So like I said, they looked at everything, everything that goes into Dr. Bronner's, and it was so funny reading this because it was they clearly were just enamored with this company. And they're like, We love that they fell into the cult, and they totally did, but it's for good reason. Because they said they reached out to them and then another company, and I think the other one was called nature's gate, but don't quote me on that. And the nature's gate were being really hard to work with. And then Dr. Bronner's this is what they said Dr. Bronner's, quote, has no issue eliciting product and business information, which allows the public a full transparent view into their practices. And that's one reason the Environmental Working Group approves of companies to is when they're open about things make sense. Find the information out Yeah, so Wow. Oh, God, I love them now, too. I know this halt. I know. I was so skeptical and then I'm just like, dang it. Okay, love them. I'm glad though because it may be using it but I could just go on and on. But Dr. Bronner's converted a bunch of coconut oil or coconut farms into organic farms in Sri Sri Lanka, and that's where they get all of their coconut oil. From the organic olive oil that they use comes from a Palestinian owned company called Kinane, Fairtrade, and it operates out of West Bank so it's like, owned by Palestinians while running out of Palestine. Don't tell the Texas legislation Well, yeah. No comment. Hemp Oil is more sustainable than many other crops. It's produced in Canada lower water as we went through. Yeah. Okay. Another good thing about this company about Dr. Bronner's is they're packaged in 100%, postconsumer recycled cylinder bottles and paper labels. 100 you that that is I mean, that's impressive. Yeah, most places are like 90% maximum. Yeah, they're also three times more concentrated than other soaps. So that means you can use it for much longer, so you're not using it for just you're not paying for the water to store water. Exactly. So easy answer is yeah, it's pretty damn good. So this is a love letter to Dr. Bronner's all it really is. It's so funny. I wasn't sure but how it turned out. Oh, wait, this is where you're going to shoot your pants. So. Oh, no. You already did that stupid. Give it Dr. Bronner's. Ready. lavender scented. Lavender please. Okay, is it cheaper? Okay, all right. This is where it gets wild. Things are getting wild. This Bruce's favorite all purpose cleaner. Is this is a funny name. Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner. clean freak mist. doesn't just kind of scare you. Yeah, you're like how many names does it need? It needs like for subtitles? Yes sir. Clean. Mr. Clean Jr. MFA. Clean spray squeaky clean non BPA. Yeah, fresh scent. Yeah. clean freak mist scares me. I don't like it. So this is what the one that this Bruce says works the best but it is actually safer choice rated by the EPA, which is so interesting because it sounds very unsafe. So currently, it costs about 650 per bottle on Amazon. And you can get it for about six bucks in at Walmart. But I just use the Amazon to make my life easier back alley. Were here like freakness. Yeah, the black market, you can get it for maybe six bucks. So you can save a nickel. But yeah, a large 32 ounce Dr. Bronner, Bronner's bottle of any cent or whatever you call it is 5099 at Target. So, and that's one dash that you're putting into a 30. Exactly. Bottle or six hands. Okay, exactly. So it's 32. I did the math, the 32 ounce bottle, 16 bucks, but you need one tablespoon. This is for third of an ounce. We're talking about all purpose cleaner, right? Yeah. So you need a tablespoon per bottle. And Google tells me that that means it's 64 tablespoons per bottle. I think I'm getting Yes, it's more, but I'll go with Google. So basically, one Dr. Bronner's bottle will give you 64 Full spray bottles of all purpose cleaner. And how much does that come out to a bottle? And that comes out to if you bought 64 Full spray bottles of the clean freak missed, you would be spending $416 So that's a $400 savings. Holy shit sticks. Sorry, I'm just in awe. I'm like staring at my ceiling. Like, what am I doing with my life? It's like buying anything cleaner at all. When I could be using Dr. Bronner's that one bottle that my roommate just kept in the shower. Yes, and it lasts for freaking ever. I've had to use it. Well, yeah. But I'm saying it doesn't go bad as far as I know. I mean, so it's oil. It can go rancid welfare. Mine has and I've had it for five years. Yeah, soaps can go rancid. But if you keep it in a cool dark place, you probably okay, well, so Okay, another question then. So for our laundry detergent recipe, spoiler alert, Episode Four. Could you use it because they say you could use it for dish soap? Right. Could you just use a tablespoon of Dr. Bronner's with your washing soda? I wonder. I don't know. Laundry days, because I would like the the lavender scent. Yeah. Because it you just need it right? A surfactant like a soap. Right? That was what you did. Surfactant. There was also like an alkali involved, which was Washington. Yeah, Washington was the alkali and maybe detergent detergent was the other thing but you didn't necessarily have to have detergent if you didn't have heavy stains and stuff. II. Oh, yeah. And then enzymes were another thing but that's all said Oh, but yeah, that was maybe actually we could try it. Just we could do a test test run is why? So this is why this episode is so goddamn long because why? didn't even notice we've just been chatting. I know. But yeah, there's just so much it's so it's so interesting. So I figured we should put in like a TLDR too long didn't read. Yeah election. Yeah, for sure. And then we need to do granola ranking. Do that right? Yeah, I'm gonna include that in with our granola raking. So TLDR too long didn't read us one. If you're looking for an all purpose cleaner, here's what you gotta do. You're gonna put one tablespoon of Castile soap in a used bottle full of water and call it a day. And then you can add some time or thyme essential oil or just time whatever you want. Or use the lavender one from Dr. Bronner's for better disinfecting and then wash your car wash your dog wash floors. Every episode we rate each product, one to five granolas one is soggy. Five is break your tooth off, so they go soggy is useless. Yeah, who breaks your tooth off? Yeah, nobody wants soggy granola nobody wants That's disgusting. So yeah, you want you want your teeth to be chipped by the time you're finished with the episode so we are your pants to be pooped. That's our new writing. Poopy Pants. Oh my god, did you shut your pants? I love the past it's your pants to be pooped. Set MFA at work in passive or passive DNS. Okay, so my reading for this and this is specifically the Castile soap. All Purpose Cleaner is break which itself? Yeah, we should have a little no drumroll. It's gotta be it's just so everything about it is effective. Inexpensive. eco friendly. Yes. The three E's. Yes. I just coined the three E's that's a new way expensive. You mean? Affective? Oh, you're right inexpensive. Just put it below the i n in the two E's and and I bought reflective and expensive. An eco friendly. eco friendly or eco friendly are? Yeah, because they're not always. And also eco friendly is nothing. Right? It's green heavy greenery. Okay, so that's that. Awesome. Like my pants have been chat. I really I'm just gonna go ahead Dr. Bronner's to cart and throw away every other cleaning product I own is kind of a no, I'm like, considering that too. And I need a dog wash dog wash. Shampoo, and I'm not gonna buy it. Now. I'm just gonna use this. I used to I used to use Dr. Bronner's. Let's it's so funny, because I like the lavender scent, I used to use the bottle, and I would just have it in the shower. And I would wash my dog and I would wash myself. But now I'm just gonna put it on in the sink, too. Alright, so what's going on next week. So next week we're having to Tiffany's in a row. She's going to do homemade dishwashing detergent next week, and then we are going to finish the season season one, episode 12. Will we eat our words about essential oils? I hope so. Yeah, me too. Why not? That would be so funny. We start the season off like frickin essential oils. And then we're like, go buy all of them. Oh, my God. Next week is going to be really cool to believe it or not. I'm really excited about DIY dishwashing detergent because it sounds like something that you cannot do. So I'm going to experiment and report back. Okay, I want to know cuz I am tired of buying the pods are using cascade Squirt. Squirt, Squirt. Squirt squirts. If you have a question for us, please email us as greening up my Thank you so much. I learned a lot I feel time to go get my Dr. Bronner's on. Yes. Thank you for listening. And thanks, everyone for sticking in with us for such an intense, intense hour. I hope it was as entertaining for you as it was for us. It totally was, obviously. All right. Bye.

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